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The Menger Hotel
Location: San Antonio , TX
Room: King Ranch Suite

History: The Menger Hotel was build 23 years after the fall of the Alamo in 1859 by a German immigrant, William A. Menger. Prior to building the now famous Menger Hotel, he established the Menger brewery. The hotel sits 100 yards from the Alamo in downtown San Antonio. The location of this hotel is surrounded by so much history, it's no surprise to hear it is reportedly the most haunted hotel in San Antonio.

Why the King Ranch Suite?
The King Ranch Suite is noted to be the most haunted room at the Menger hotel. Richard King resided in the suite named in his owner when he stayed in San Antonio, and often conducted business there. He also died in this suite. Several eyewitness accounts have seen his apparition coming into his room using the old entrance, walking to his room, and sitting on his bed smoking a cigar.

The young men who escorted us and our equipment to and from the room told us the following stories from other guests:

-The bedroom: some girls took a picture sitting on the bed, and in the picture there was a noticable indent on the bed between them where it looked like someone was sitting.
-The bedroom: a bridal shower party was leaving the suite and asked the young bell hop to look at a picture they took on the bed. Between the two women, he saw a blurry image of a man with a cowboy hat stretching his arms around the two girls as if to be posing with them. He said he could clearly make out the arms, but the rest was white and blurry.



Historical Research

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Weather Conditions
Saturday, February 21st

Olympus DigVoiceRec
Sony Digital Cx7 camcorder
EMF detectors
Lorex 4ch DVR

Other ghosts of the menger:
Sally White - Sally was a slave woman who worked at the hotel and was slain by her husband in front of the hotel.
Woman knitting in the lobby - A woman has been seen in the old lobby knitting. When anyone approaches her, she seems agitated and vanishes.
Buckskin- This apparition has been seen and heard asking the question "Are you gona stay or are you gonna go?" three times in a row.

Case Notes: We did not have any personal experiences during our stay at the Menger. We did run the DVR camera and voice recorders all night and are currently reviewing evidence. This page will be updated with any evidence we find. If you want to learn more about the history of this location click on the links located in the right column under historical research.


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